One of the most important factors when considering your security is ensuring that all your security measures have been sourced from professional companies that provide quality products and services.

Kassky offers all aspects of integrated security in house. This allows us to have complete control over the design, installation, and service and most importantly ensures the customer has a single point of contact that can be relied upon to provide a quick and efficient service.


KASSKY staff have over 25 years experience in the electronic industry and bring  with them decades of electronic product knowledge .

Board repairs to just about any device from printers to CCTV - iP - PTZ cameras as well as DVR and NVR devices. Our expertise expand to automation devices, gas detection , LED screens, POE switches and power supplies.

KASSKY offers several different SLA agreements, some with loans and swap out unit for some critical applications. 


KASSKY  technicians and technical support staff receive extensive and regularly updated product training, undertaken both in-house and by our product manufacturers and suppliers, covering all aspects and types of equipment.

Multi-skilling of  KASSKY engineers means they are equipped to deal with the full range of products we offer, ensuring that you get the fastest, most efficient response and on-site service . Skills that deliver in complex installations for remote monitoring control room implementation.


Home Automation can be something as simple as remote or automatic control of a few lights for some clients. For others it maybe for security and central applications. Still many clients may choose to install advanced controllers or use voice recognition / biometrics systems & CCTV. 

Our KASSKY definition, is to refer to home automation as anything that you can use on remote or automatic control device for anywhere around the home and business ...and able to control from anywhere.

Whatever your automation project might be, our KASSKY technical team is confident that using products offered by us will make day to life around the home more convenient and safe.


KASSKY provides exceptional managed hotspot WIFI solutions for any business application. Over the past several years we have installed profitable wireless hotspots for Hotels, Restaurants, SME Businesses, Shopping centres, Logistics and Transportation systems.

KASSKY technical team have dedicated themselves to provide the best service in this industry and can deliver wireless internet to your   customers instantly and cost effectively.

The demand for high speed internet connectivity is growing rapidly and as a business you can’t afford to get left behind anymore. It is imperative that you, as venue owner/service provider, have your premises hotspot enabled to provide that extra service to your guests or customers.


KASSKY supplied alarm systems are easy to install and use. These alarm systems support wired and wireless sensors (Hybrid for application on the same alarm system). 

With GSM capabilities and remote access capabilities it plays a vital role in remote monitoring  and remote access. The systems can be integrated in CCTV system and offer multiple automation possibilities to your system.

Its good to know that the alarm system supplied by KASSKY includes the latest in technology and that it can cater for a wide range of applications....expandable and upgradeable in to the future.


KASSKY handles several projects 

Whether it is a security threat, safety issue or other vulnerability that you are experiencing.  We can help you to consider at this point whether the installation of a CCTV system or other is the most appropriate response to these concerns, or if there are alternative options at hand. 

Professional advice can be sought at this stage, from our risk consultant. 

Together we will find the operational requirements, this will be the blue print of your overall needs. 

Management and operational strategies can also be discussed at this stage so that the final installation delivers on the full functionality being needed.


We at Kassky will be committed in to the future to maintain in touch with the developments of Robotics ...What we clear on when it comes to robots  , is that our jobs are gone. The developments that have happened thus far will only be further improved and be more refined.

 The advanced new technologies will render more humans obsolete in many more fields of many industries. Furthermore, these technologies will only become less expensive to implement with the likes of drones showing abilities in military and security applications, will only become deadlier.

Robotics in the transportation industry will only become faster, safer, and more reliable. In medical a prostheses and implants will simulate more human functions more accurately or will greatly improve upon them .

Lets assume we humans survive to the end of the century, it is difficult to imagine any socially-critical task in any industry that cannot be performed by ROBOTS.


KASSKY combination of leading-edge surveillance and remote monitoring          solutions provide a range of innovative virtual site management services designed to save you money, time and effortWhether you're running one or several sites, from a retail unit to a multi-tenanted office building, virtual site management provides the opportunity to reduce or eliminate costly guard/receptionist services, site visits and a host of other expensive functions. This applies to vehicle fleet management as well, with CCTV monitoring and device tracking solutions.

Our virtual device management solutions are tailored to your specific requirements and include:

Interactive Access Control
Contractor Management
Environmental/Condition Monitoring
Virtual Site Patrols
Operational Audits
LIVE CCTV verifications
Remote Interventions
2 Way Audio Communications


KASSKY can arrange for Desktop 3D Printers that are easy to use and affordable. They use additive manufacturing technology to lay down successive layers of ABS, to build up a printed three dimensional model. Print right from your desk, parts within minutes.

Solar Hybrid Power Backup System

These are the first of the so-called off-Grid systems, but with a backup component present. It is not necessary to use all the alternative power that might be available, as the energy gets stored and usually a level of autonomy is already built into these systems.
Such a system could supply back up from 3 hours, to 72 Hours. The purpose here is to allow for expansion at a later stage and even to a full hybrid operation (when possible). More advanced systems can "sell" back to the Grid.



KASSKY will only offer you well trained, uniformed and professionally competent security guards who can give a highly visible security presence at your business premises.

All guards are SIRA certified security guards and can provide you the best defense in any business application from events to corporate.