Alarm design and technology is continually improving. False alarms are being reduced, and higher degrees of security are being provided. Alarms can be audible-only or monitored remotely by a monitoring station arranged by your installer. Monitored systems are strongly recommended for business users, as many now provide verification that intruders are on the premises using additional signaling equipment.

Integrated solutions result in technologies working together to achieve security outcomes. They can reduce cost and have a wider applicability than simply security, e.g. equipment tagging for both security and stock management purposes. With an integrated system many actions can be automated, meaning that a security system is simpler to use, requires less training and performs more functions. Moreover, by having a single company install these products, it allows system infrastructure to be shared, reducing costs and providing only one contact for all service requirements. 


Hardwired or Wireless we offer a wide range of alarm systems that can be used for either residential or business.

Transmitters and cell phone dialer to insure you're in contact with your system. Remote activations and disarming from remote or cell phone. LCD displays units that offer mapping and area recognition.


KASSKY offers Beam technology that is pet friendly and intelligent to environment scanning to eradicate false alarms. This forms the perfect invisible intruder detection.

Fire detection systems with emergency exit and Smoke passives with alarm control panels.
Gas Detection sensors and controllers for Refrigerants, combustible and toxic gas .



GSM and GPRS communicators play a vital role in security industry as well as in many industrial applications.

Equipped with input and output relays one can program device to interact with just about any device from anywhere on the planet.
Devices are low power and can be link to battery or solar application. 

KASSKY electronic security systems supplied are for commercial, retail and industrial premises are designed to individual client requirements. All KASSKY Intruder systems are installed and serviced by fully qualified engineers.

Key elements of an intruder alarm system can include any or all of the following:
Master Control Panel: this is the main ‘brain' of the system, located in a protected area, containing the power supply unit and back up battery. The control panel is fully programmable to suit the users requirements with system diagnostics and a customer remote reset facility.

Remote Keypad: this allows the system to be set and unset via a code number, and is usually located near to the main access point.

Magnetic alarm contact: these are installed into doors and windows to detect when they have been opened

Passive infra red movement detector: this is designed to detect the body heat and movement of an intruder moving around the interior of a building.

Dual technology movement detector: this detector is generally deployed in a high-risk/hostile/sensitive environment and combines passive infra red and microwave technology to produce a very stable and reliable detector.

Internal sounder: this is designed to give entry/exit tones and give a full alarm to an alarm activation.

External sounder and strobe unit: a self-activating sounder and strobe light housed in a robust, tamper protected housing, usually sited in an elevated position on an external elevation of a building.

Intruder Alarms can be linked to an Alarm Receiving Centre and connected to CCTV for remote surveillance and response.